Jenelle Evans: Her Most Jaw-Dropping Moments From 16 & Pregnant to 29 & Bonkers!

Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 fame has always amazed us with her wild and crazy antics, but sometimes she makes us cringe. 

With her selfies, selfishness and overall self-obsession.

Still, the Carolina Hurricane is pretty darn entertaining and never ceases to provide us jaw-dropping entertainment.

And unyielding social media fodder, to boot. There is never a dull moment with the mother of three, whatever you think of her.

Here's a look at her most memorable moments from her young, innocent (okay, not really innocent) 16 & Pregnant days to the present.


2.That Time She Got This Ink

3.And This One. YOLO!

4.Can't Forget This One!

5.Boob Time!

6.She Fought the Law …

7…. And She Won, Actually

8.More Muggin'

9.This Girl

10.Just Beautiful

11.And Now for Something Completely Different


13.Those Feathers in Her Hair


15.Fightin' with Babs

16.Fightin' with Tori



19.The Dogs 🙁

20.The Dogs Again 🙁

21.It Gets Worse? Seriously?

22.Shame, Shame


24.More Fights

25.A Real Struggle

26.Interesting …

27.Oh No

28.RIP Nugget

29.Bye, David

30.Why Though

31.She's an iNfLuEnCeR

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