James May causes stir among fans after making astonishing discovery in garden

James May is asked if he has a penny-farthing

James May has taken to Twitter to share a garden discovery with his 3.2 million followers, attaching a picture and warning: “Grass snake in the garden!”

The 60-year-old Top Gear legend corrected himself: “At least, we think it’s a grass snake. Anyone know?”

The Woodland Trust website advises that the species “rarely bites, but may strike out with their head, keeping the mouth closed”.

Shocked fan @aufwiedpet exclaimed: “MIND THAT SNAKE THERE JAMES!”, while @KLHigginsSr joked: “There’s only one answer: Bring out the holy hand grenade!”

@JamesMunro7 weighed in with his view on the topic, writing: “That’s a grass snake for sure. I’m guessing you have a pond close by?”

However, others were unsure, exclaiming: “Shouldn’t it be green?”

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@AlbertCai_X added: “Most key tell is the bright yellow neck and bands on the bottom body.”

According to The Woodland Trust, the species is frequently confused with the adder, which has “a distinctive dark zig-zag pattern along its back”.

Though the grass snake might not be harmful to humans, it can be lethal to garden visitors such as frogs, toads and newts.

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The website advises that although it carries no venom, it uses the surprise element to nab its unsuspecting prey, and “will strike out and swallow it whole”.

“Often, the prey is still alive when swallowed,” the website continues, adding that the species is rarely seen by humans due to its shy nature, meaning it will retreat under cover.

Grass snakes are fully protected by law, so it is illegal to harm or kill the critters – even if they do disrupt other garden wildlife.

On the other hand, if James has an adder on his hands, he’ll need to watch out, as this species does carry a venomous bite.

However, official guidance suggests that although painful, the bites will rarely be fatal.

Meanwhile, James recently addressed claims that he is “evil and very self-obsessed”, insisting that perceptions others might have of him don’t concern him.

“One or two people think I’m evil and very self-obsessed, or that I have a ‘Do you know who I am?’ attitude,” he told The Times.

However, he concluded “A lot of people claim to have met me or know somebody who knows me, when they obviously don’t, so I don’t let it worry me too much!”

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