Indiaaa… Innndiiiyyaaa…

Send us Your Picture of Your India.
Tell us why that picture represents India for you.

Seventeen months.

A global pandemic that severely impacted India as well.

It introduced us to a new nation.

One filled with everyday heroes.

One, whose everyday bravery and resilience we salute.

One, whose everyday tragedy brings tears to our eyes.

One that reminds us of how much India has changed since that unforgettable moment when, in the first second of August 15, 1947, India shattered the yoke of slavery and breathed the fresh air of freedom.

Indiaaa… Innndiiiyyaaa…

Indiaaa… Innndiiiyyaaa…

For India remains unique in the world.

In its history.

Its geography.

Its climate.

Its diversity.

Its languages.

Its food.

Its dress.

Its music.

Its culture.

And, despite the many challenges it has faced, its secular nature.

Indiaaa… Innndiiiyyaaa…

Indiaaa… Innndiiiyyaaa…

India is an old country.

And a young one.

It’s a country that has made its place in the world stage.

That, in moments of global crisis, has stepped forward to help.

That believes in peace but won’t be bullied.

And, like any human being, India is a country that has both strengths and weaknesses.

Indiaaa… Innndiiiyyaaa…

Indiaaa… Innndiiiyyaaa…

India, in the decades that have passed since Independence, has moved forward with fervour. And yet, in so many ways, India remains the same.

When you look around you, what do you see?

What is the one picture you have shot that captures, for you, an Independent India. What is the story that you see in that picture?

Please share your pictures of India with us. Tell us why that picture represents India for you. Kindly mail it to [email protected] (Subject: Independence Day) along with your NAME, AGE and LOCATION.

We will publish the best pictures right here.

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