Huma Wants Women To Feel Gorgeous. Here’s Why

It’s nice to look gorgeous but not if it’s forced upon you. 

Being fabulous all the time should be a choice and not the norm for actresses. 

“Every woman should feel gorgeous whatever size they are,” Huma Qureshi tells‘s Mayur Sanap post her showstopping appearance for Designer Nachiket Barve at the FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week.

“Being fit is of course important. You should have a healthy lifestyle. But nobody should be made feel bad for whatever body type they have.

“I have borne the brunt and a lot of people have trolled me at the start of my career. 

“In fact — and I have said this before — in a review of my second film, a reviewer wrote ‘Oh! Huma is such a lovely talented actor but maybe she’s five kg too heavy to be a mainstream actor.’

“That really hurt. I feel that kind of pressure on a young actor, at the beginning of their career or even later, is not right.

“We have to stop looking at boxing women into categories.”

Nachiket added that Huma “is naturally very brave. The bravest thing one can do in fashion is to be yourself and not be somebody else, which she does amply.”

Watch! Nachiket and Huma talk about the fashion mistakes people make. 

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