Have You Tasted These Summer Fruits?

When you think of summer, what fruits come to your mind?

Watermelon? Mangoes? Jackfruit? Ice apples?

But have you heard of kumquat? What about water apples?

Rediff.com Reader and agri-entrepreneur Sumit Bhosle sent us these amazing photographs of popular fruits from his farm in Sawantwadi, Maharashtra.

Take a look!







Dear Readers, do you have a photograph that best describes summer?

Your photographs can be funny, heart-warming, quirky or just plain summery!

It could be a recent photograph or a blast from the past.

They could be from anywhere across India or the world, but they have to be original.

Do mail your pictures to [email protected] (subject: Summer Pics) along with your NAME and the place where you LIVE. Do include a little information about where you clicked the photograph and what makes it special.

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