Dr. Dre’s Ex Served Him Divorce Papers At His Grandmother’s FUNERAL?!

The latest installment in Dr. Dre’s divorce saga may be the harshest one yet.

Last we heard in this extremely contentious divorce battle, the producer had been ordered to pay nearly $300K per month in spousal support, and his ex Nicole Young had detailed some very serious domestic violence allegations against him.

Now, TMZ has reported that an incident on Monday has inflamed tensions between the exes even further. Per the outlet’s sources, the Beats by Dre founder was at a cemetery in Los Angeles laying his grandmother, who helped raise him, to rest. According to insiders close to the 56-year-old, a process server tried serving him divorce papers right next to his grandma’s casket! Dre reportedly “recoiled in anger and wouldn’t take the documents in hand,” so the server “dropped the documents by the gravesite.”

(Sources from Nicole’s camp claimed that the incident took place “in the cemetery’s parking lot after the burial,” not at the grave. A slightly better look, but still… yikes.)

TMZ stated the documents involved payment of Nicole’s lawyer fees; the N.W.A. alum has apparently only paid $325,433 despite a judge’s order to cough up $1,550,000. Dre supposedly “believes that amount is in error” and that he already paid enough — but Monday’s documents contained “the judge’s final order” for the full amount.

This is definitely NOT going to help make their relationship any more cordial, that’s for sure. Will the legal drama ever cease between these two?

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