Dolly Parton has a pet accessories and apparel line called Doggy Parton

This story combines two of my favorite things: Dolly Parton and pets! Just in time for Halloween planning, Dame Dolly is releasing a line of pet apparel called Doggy Parton. And it doesn’t stop at fancy frocks for Fido, there are toys, accessories and more. Because why should you be the only one to dress up like Dolly on a Saturday night? And, because this is Dolly we’re talking about, a portion of the proceeds will go to Willa B. Farms, a local rescue in Nashville so your pooch can look fabulous, and you can feel fabulous about the purchase.

Dolly Parton has always loved dogs.

More than 60 years after the release of her first record “Puppy Love,” the music icon and pet-lover, 76, is debuting Doggy Parton, a line of dog apparel, accessories, toys and more.
“My love for pets is stronger than ever,” Parton said in a news release launching the brand. “This inspired me to start my own line of Doggy Parton apparel, accessories, toys and more with a little ‘Dolly’ flair.”

Partnering with SportPet Designs, the 20-plus items in the collection include lots of gingham-wear — including an overalls dress, Western collared shirt, bandana, collar and leash set and a harness — to cowgirl attire, squeaky toys and a “blonde bombshell” wig.
A portion of the proceeds project will go to Willa B. Farms, a Nashville-based animal rescue organization, “where animals in need find never-ending love,” Dolly said.
She added, “Don’t we all need that?’”

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I was initially so ebullient because it was Dolly and the subject made me giggle. But I checked out the items and OMGsh, I’m in love. It’s like they really tried to consider every dog personality type. There are Gingham shirts for the country dog, pink dresses with fringe for your princess pups, denim for the sassy dogs and Dolly concert tees for the rocker in your pack. And then there is this little red pinafore that’s so cute, it hurts. But that’s just the clothes. There’s wigs (yes, wigs!), pearl collars or feathered trimmed cowboy hats. Harnesses and leashes. And Bandanas, of course. And everything comes in XS to Large. But you need a little patience, the line was just announced and doesn’t drop for a month, according to Amazon. But you can preorder now.

In case anyone was wondering who that cute Frenchie in the Instagram above is, it’s Billy the Kid Dolly’s God-dog and the brand’s ambassador. He belongs to Dolly’s assistant Danny Nozell. *mumbles* lucky dog.

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