Dax Shephard & Kristen Bell didn’t want another kid, but had one for their oldest


While appearing on The Endless Honeymoon podcast, Dax Shepard said his daughter Delta, seven, had a lot to thank her sister Lincoln, nine, for. Namely her existence. Dax said he and wife Kristen Bell wanted to stop after one kid because three was the perfect sized family for their busy lifestyles. But they realized having a second child was best for Lincoln. So they had Delta, whom of course they adore.

Dax Shepard is sharing details behind the decision to have a second child.
During an appearance on the Endless Honeymoon podcast, Shepard, 47, opened up about his two daughters — Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 7 — both of whom he shares with wife Kristen Bell.

“We did not want a second child,” he explained to a couple who called in for advice about growing their family. “It’s a bizarre conversation to start because [a family unit of three] is perfect, and it’s so much easier. You can take that little Subway sandwich anywhere, as I’m sure you guys are doing.”

The Parenthood alum explained that as Lincoln started growing, he and Bell realized it may be beneficial to have a second child so she can have a “playmate,” not just on their travels, but for the long haul of life.

“One is, we travel a lot. It’s not fair to bring this little human everywhere we go and deal only with adults. Like, we owe it to her to give her a playmate that travels with us everywhere,” he explained. “We love [Lincoln] enough to do something we don’t really wanna do, which is have a second, because we were so absolutely happy with just the one.”
Another reason for the decision, he later quipped, was to minimize the chances for Lincoln to become “spoiled” as an only child.

“Our kids already are so privileged beyond belief,” he said. “It rattles both of us being from very, you know, modest backgrounds. So, to make the spoiled bitch, my first born, live in the same room with another person [when she gets older] and have to share everything, like, I needed [Lincoln to learn] the force of compromise and sharing discomfort because I wasn’t going to give it to her any other way. So we just thought it would be really helpful to make her a better person, to have to deal with someone else.”

Another piece of advice Shepard gave was, should anyone decide to have a second child, to do it “as quick as possible.” His own daughters were born 20 months apart.

“Our kids are under two years apart, and for a minute that was difficult because you know, when you’re 5 and the baby is 3, that’s no fun,” he said. “I will say the corner we’ve turned is, like, now they party. Not only do they party together, they’re united against us, which I love.”

He added, “If I’m giving it to one of the girls, the other one comes over, ‘You’re not being nice to Lincoln. You didn’t listen to what she said.’ And I’m like, ‘That’s right. That’s your role. You guys gang up and kill me. It’s you two against the world.’ That stuff, I think, the lesser the age gap the easier it is to achieve.”

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I know plenty of you have already dismissed all of this because you dislike both Kristen and Dax, so – mm’kay. For those of you still with me, obviously the only real family planning advice is to do what you’re comfortable with. My take on what Dax said is mixed. I understand his logic about one child being easier to travel with. When they’re young, the difference of traveling with one child vs. two young children is huge. But when they get older, it’s not an issue, they manage themselves. (It is, however, a lot more expensive!) I agreed with him on the playmate thing and wanted more than one kid for that reason. However, that was because I knew I wasn’t going to be enough for my kid. I know plenty of single kids who loved being only children. It’s not sure Dax’s universal logic. The spoiled brat point I don’t get. I would think that’s on them not to spoil however many kids they have.

As for age spacing, meh. I had my kids close together due to my age. They’re best friends. My mother had my brothers and I with years between us because of blood type issues. We’re best friends. All involved looked out for each other, regardless of how close or far they were spaced. I’ve always felt the relationship of the siblings was the personalities involved (including the parents) and not the age gap.




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