DaBaby's Baby Momma DaniLeigh Charged With 2 Counts Of Simple Assault Following Domestic Dispute

The updates are coming in regarding the late Sunday night incident between DaBaby and singer DaniLeigh at the rapper’s home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

As we reported on Monday morning, the 29-year-old recording artist unexpectedly went on Instagram Live Sunday night to show a situation in which he and his 26-year-old on-again/off-again girlfriend were having a verbal dispute while she was feeding their 3-month-old baby.

The video abruptly cut out in the middle of the argument, but fans quickly took notice and had a lot to say in reaction after the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department got involved and DaBaby requested that DaniLeigh be removed from the condo.

Now we’re learning more about the alleged events that apparently preceded DaBaby going Live. According to TMZ, the CMPD took action on Monday and charged DaniLeigh with two counts of simple assault after the department’s officers made two visits to the rapper’s home.

We already knew about the Sunday night police investigation into the couple’s reported domestic dispute, as DaniLeigh recorded her own IG Live video that appeared to show officers at the couple’s home during the incident.

But now, the outlet is saying the cops were called out again Monday morning around 9:30 a.m. local time. It was then that DaBaby lodged a second claim of domestic abuse, and officers on scene reportedly found enough evidence to cite DaniLeigh for two misdemeanor assaults. It is unclear what that evidence may have consisted of, but whatever it was, CMPD officers felt the rapper’s allegations serious enough to take action.

It’s certainly an interesting turn of events, because DaBaby took to Instagram on Monday morning and published a short video accusing DaniLeigh of using their 3-month-old child for internet clout. He does not mention any sort of physical altercation in the video, though. Regardless, cops appear to be pursuing the misdemeanor counts against the new mother.

As for DaniLeigh’s whereabouts, her current status with the CMPD is unclear. What is clear is that she took to IG again on Monday evening and posted this screenshot (below), showing the ceiling and air vents on a commercial airplane with the clear implication that she’s leaving Charlotte and DaBaby behind:

Honestly, one of them leaving the area and allowing cooler heads to prevail is probably a very smart move right now.

And whatever the case may be between these two adults, we’re more glad than anything that their child is safe, as DaniLeigh indicated in that post.

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