DaBaby Releases Official Music Video For 'Shake Sumn'

DaBaby recently released an official music video for “Shake Sumn.” The song is from his new EP, titled Call Da Fireman, which arrived on May 5.

The visual, directed by Reel Goats and produced by Charlie Heat, shows comedian Funny Marco being interrupted by a crazy party inside a fire station while delivering his daily news report. Marco finds DaBaby in the middle of the chaos.

“Yeah, call the fireman, she a hot girl, put her out, ooh, I just broke a sweat in this b**ch/ Get a towel, she said, ‘Nothin’ been happenin’ now, it’s a drought,’ I tell her put her a** in the air/ D**k her down, go get in timeout, you a baddie/ Just sent me a spot with the addy, I get up and pop me a Addy, I get up and pop me a Addy/ I get up and catch me a flight, the s**t took ’bout four hours, went out to Cali,” raps DaBaby.

Call Da Fireman marked the first release from DaBaby since his 2022 album Baby on Baby 2, which debuted at No. 34 on the Billboard 200.

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