Cardi B’s daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus does her makeup and it’s the cutest thing on the internet today

Cardi B is enjoying the success of her recently released music single, Up. She is also enjoying some quality time with her daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus. And the mother-daughter duo has been chilling and having plenty of pool time lately. Now, Cardi B took to her social media handle and shared two stories featuring herself and Kulture. In the video, we see Kulture applying makeup to Cardi B. The American rapper and songstress is seen lying patiently on a couch. She checks herself out in the video and has no words for the applied makeup. Kulture who is about to turn three this year is seen randomly applying the makeup on her mommy’s face. Cardi B asks Kulture, “Do I look pretty?” Kulture says something like, “I’ll tell you (rest little inaudible but sounds like she’ll tell her after she’s done doing her makeup).” Kulture doing Cardi B’s makeup is one of the cutest videos you’ll see on the internet today. And in case you have missed out on it. Have a dekko here:

The makeup is all over the place, but the mother-daughter moment has left everyone gushing and how! It’s indeed one of the cutest videos of Kulture.

Meanwhile, recently, Cardi B had embraced her real look (the one without makeup) and had asked every girl out there to do the same. In the video, she slammed trolls who pull down people for feeling good about themselves. “This is my face after wakin up 20 minutes ago ,no filter , hair not brushed , lip chap all that .I never been afraid to show my real self .When YOU ON TOP the miserable and the ugly love to screenshot pictures while you in motion then criticize your face .I’m confident in my own skin .You bitches need to ask ya self if ya confidence in ya self enought that ya gotta try to bring bitches down for a hobby that’s winning and in their 20s,”she had captioned the post.

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