Boxer Mia St. John Begs L.A. Officials, Stop Shutting Down My AA Meetings!

Ex-boxing champ Mia St. John says authorities in L.A. have repeatedly shut down her Alcoholic’s Anonymous meetings due to COVID-19 … but she claims it’s now becoming a matter of life and death.

Besides being a 5-time world boxing champ, St. John has also struggled with substance abuse … and now runs AA meetings in Los Angeles.

But, Mia says officials have told her to stop to the gatherings as a part of California’s tough stance on coronavirus.

We spoke with St. John who says the situation is “absolutely ridiculous” because she’s been following strict social distancing guidelines.

“We are abiding by the rules and regulations which is 6-feet apart. We’re all wearing masks and I don’t see a problem with it.”

She adds, “It’s interesting because in a grocery store, you’re right on top of each other. People are much closer together, it’s much more dangerous. So what we’re doing is actually a lot safer.”

Mia says AA meetings — in person — are “essential” … saying face-to-face gatherings are simply more effective than virtual meetings one Zoom.

“I’ve spoken to so many people at these meetings that tell me they relapsed. I relapsed! I relapsed and I’m not blaming anyone but myself.”

“I’m just here to say that people like me rely on our meeting to get us by. We rely on our sober friends to help us through and its a very difficult time I realize for everyone. If we’re conducting our meetings safely, I don’t see a problem with it.”

Mia says she’s working hard to convince authorities to give her the green light to continue — and if they won’t comply she’s considering taking legal action against the Mayor.

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