A Place In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton hit with ‘fine’ after filming abroad: ‘Can’t pay it!’

Laura Hamilton discusses getting a ‘speeding fine’

Laura Hamilton, 38, has candidly admitted she received a “fine” for speeding while filming in Spain for A Place In The Sun. The presenter revealed she was hit with a speeding ticket this week after driving too fast in Fuerteventura last month.

Speaking out on the incident for the first time during her Birds With Baggage Instagram Live show alongside Drag Queen and Britain’s Got Talent star La Voix, Laura also said she was having some trouble with paying her fine.

While opening up about her week in view of her 117,000 followers, Laura explained to La Voix: “So two days ago… everyone thinks, ‘Oh Laura, you’re so lucky, you get to go to all these amazing countries!’

“Yes I do, but do you know what I got through my letter box two days ago?

“A lovely speeding fine from Fuerteventura!”

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La Voix then quipped: “From Fuerteventura! That was some speed to get over there!

“How fast were you going?”

Laura giggled before saying: “So, I got done for speeding in Fuerteventura just before Christmas.

“And oh my God, have you ever had a speeding ticket from being abroad?


“I tell you what, you can’t b****y pay it!

“I’ve tried for three days, I’ve got to pay it otherwise when I go back to film in the country they won’t let me in! 

“It’s just a nightmare,” the property expert admitted.

La Voix then asked the star: “So why can’t you pay it?”

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Detailing her struggles to pay the fine, Laura continued: “You know when you do a job and you’ve got a problem with your phone line? 

“You phone them up and you’re on the phone for hours just trying to sort something and you never get it sorted out,” she explained.

Laura’s chat with La Voix marked her first episode of their new project together.

It comes as television personality is currently taking a break from filming A Place In The Sun amid the recently imposed UK lockdown.

Announcing her Instagram Live series, Laura told fans yesterday: “Morning. Happy Monday. How are you doing? Did you have a nice weekend?

“Did you manage to get out and about for a walk and get some fresh air?”

The mum-of-two continued: “You might have seen from Instagram stories that I am launching a brand new IGTV series with a very good friend of mine called La Voix.

“We’re going to be live every Tuesday and Thursday on Instagram. We’ve got a website called Birds with Baggage.

“We’ve got our own Instagram page if you want to check that out.”

Laura finished: “It’s going to be a lot of fun and hopefully lots of laughs and some fantastic giveaways so make sure you follow us.”

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