10 Most Stylish Women of 2022

It’s been a delightful year for women’s fashion.

A year of anything goes, free for all, sab chalta hai. And jugaad too.

Hemlines of kurtas, ghagras and dresses could be whatever length. Bomber jackets were allowed to be worn with lehengas.

Bottoms, be they for a kurti or sari blouse had no format.

Saris had even more variable contours and cute take-offs — the insta sari, for instance.

There were many, many ladies on whom our eyes lingered.

They were flag-bearers of top-drawer style in the year gone by. And their clothes? Just an extension of who they are.

India’s 10 Most Stylish Women of 2022 showed the way. They marched us to a higher fashion plateau where what you wear reflects vitality and spirit.

Salut, Fair Ladies.

Ms Arora


Ms Gupta


Ms Jahan


Ms Mandanna


Ms Mirza


Ms Nathani


Ms Padukone


Ms Panday


Ms Poonawalla


Ms Prabhu


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