Will Bigg Boss 16 Get Boring Now?

Looks like Archana Gautam’s pangas caught up have with her!

She has been evicted from Bigg Boss for hurting Shiv Thakare in a physical fight.

Now that the most entertaining contestant has gone, will the show get boring now?

Namrata Thakker tells us what happened.


Archana attacks Shiv

Tina Datta complains to Priyanka Chahar Choudhary about Archana, who has hidden the and boxes of tissue.

The ladies confront Archana.

Shiv jumps into the fight and provokes Archana, knowing that she would react aggressively.

When Shiv says something about her political party, Archana loses her calm and grabs Shiv by the neck.

The housemates immediately intervene and push Archana away, but it’s too late.

Priyanka drags Archana to the bedroom area and tells her she’s wrong in physically harming someone.


Shiv decides Archana’s fate

Archana continues to rant about Shiv provoking her unnecessarily.

Soundarya Sharma and Gori Nagori yell at Archana for losing her calm.

Archana admits she’s wrong and says she doesn’t mind going out of the house.

Shiv is called into the confession room and Bigg Boss asks him to decide Archana’s fate in the house.

Shiv says he wants to get her evicted as physically hurting someone is not allowed.

Archana is called into the confession room next and Bigg Boss gives her a last chance to talk with Shiv.

But instead of apologising, Archana keeps explaining why she got angry.

Housemates unhappy with Archana

The contestants are shocked that Archana isn’t saying sorry.

Tina, Shalin, Nimrit, MC Stan and Sajid fKhan eel Archana doesn’t deserve to stay in the house.

Bigg Boss reprimands Archana for not apologising for her actions.

Ultimately, Archana says sorry to Shiv and asks him to give her one more chance.

But Shiv says no.

Bigg Boss asks Archana to leave the house.

Back in the house, Tina and others blame Soundarya, Priyanka, Ankit, Gautam Vig and Gori for supporting Archana all along.

Tina feels she wouldn’t have attacked Shiv if her friends hadn’t encouraged her behaviour.

Soundarya tells Tina off for blaming them.

Before exiting, Ms Gautam pleads with Shiv to let her stay, but he sticks to his ground.


Abdu loses captaincy task

Abdu Roziq is no longer the captain.

During the gold mine task, Priyanka announces that the contestants playing against Abdu have won the task.

Most of the housemates are unhappy with Priyanka’s decision, but Ankit Gupta defends her.


My Take

Now that Archana is out, the show is probably going to get boring.

Shalin, Tina and Sumbul are back together and it’s annoying to see them fight and make up each time.

Gautam has suddenly gone quiet.

Shiv is a strong contestant, but he is starting to look like a bully.

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