Vivek Oberoi: The stardom I have been blessed with must have a greater purpose and not just be about personal vanity

Actor Vivek Anand Oberoi believes in using his celebrity status for something more than just basking in adulation, and earn money. And that’s why he came forward during the Covid-19 pandemic to help people who were affected the most by the crisis.

To start with, even as the Covid positive cases continue to rise, the showbiz industry is back to work, for the sake of those daily wage workers primarily. Oberoi reveals that in such a catch-22 situation, his company served around 7,500 daily wage worker families goods and essentials.

“What was touching was that many of them had the gratitude and grace to reach out at some point, thank us and say, work has started again and I don’t need this assistance anymore, please help someone else in need. To be that conscientious in crisis was inspiring!,” he recalls.

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The 44-year-old also is helping tribal children get education. He says he has “always felt that the stardom” he has been blessed with must have a greater purpose.

“It should not just be about personal vanity. How does a celebrity truly celebrate life? To me the answer is in giving, in helping wipe the tears and heal the pain of the less fortunate. I don’t look at it as charity but instead as clarity. I’m clear that this is my true human purpose and therefore it’s become a major part of my life for the past 18 years now,” claims Oberoi.

What has been worrying the actor is that there’s a lot of incorrect information out there about the vaccine against thr virus and the disease. He explains, “I’m hoping that the vaccinations are both efficient and safe as there is so much confusing ‘WhatsApp university’ style information all over the place. This definitely creates a sense of doubt and fear. So I am hoping the companies and the government are able to instil that confidence because the daily wage workers need to earn their living with dignity.”

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