The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Sam picks up the Captain America shield; here’s what to expect in finale episode

Sam Wilson finally agreed to take up the Captain America shield and perhaps even the identity in the fifth episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Director Kari Skogland explains what it means.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s last episode has set up a huge finale that we just cannot wait to watch it. Titled Truth, the episode featured a lot of exhilarating action, big surprises and great dialogue.

The two biggest surprises in the episode were Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s surprise appearance and Sam finally agreeing to take up the Captain America shield and perhaps even the identity.

Director Kari Skogland explained what it means. While speaking to Entertainment Weekly she said, “We wanted Sam to engage in both a public and private conversation of what it means for a Black man to pick up such an iconic historically white symbol. By starting off with his acknowledgement of how important it is as a symbol, and that it is connected to a bygone era, Sam opens the door to the idea that what defines a hero today is not the same ideal as it was when Steve first picked up the shield.”

She added, “It is important that we explore all sides to its future as a symbol, given it represents the American flag and the deep history that comes with something that represents equality and freedom. It needs to be an ongoing discussion because those very coveted ideas that are the core to the American Dream are actually fragile and need to be protected from those that go down a slippery slope, no matter how well intentioned, that actually puts freedom and equality in the crosshairs.”

It appears now Sam is the new Captain America, and far worthier of the identity than John Walker.

Right before the episode ended, we saw Sam opening up a package gifted to him by Bucky, who took it from the Wakandans. Many fans believe it is his Captain America’s uniform, perhaps a high-tech version.

In the finale, Sam and Bucky will square off against the Flag-Smashers who wish to blow up a building in which a Global Repatriation Council (GRC) conference will take place. The former Captain America, John Walker, now stripped of not only the identity but also his position in the US Army, is also gearing up to fight and is building his own shield as shown in the mid-credits scene.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier streams on Disney+ Hotstar Premium.

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