Sonu Sood fulfills cancer patient’s wish, says ‘deeply touched by his love’. Watch video

Sonu Sood on Monday shared a heartwarming video of his meeting with a youngster who couldn't stop crying on seeing his favourite star.

Actor Sonu Sood, who has been helping the less privileged since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak in 2020, on Monday won the internet over by fulfilling a rather simple request of a fan. Abhishek Jain, a cancer patient, apparently had only one wish – to meet Sonu Sood.

The actor on Monday shared a heartwarming video of his meeting with the youngster who couldn’t stop crying on seeing his favourite star. Sonu wrote alongside the video that his heart breaks seeing families across the country continue to suffer in the aftermath of Covid-19.



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“It’s heartbreaking to see people suffer all over the nation, although Covid-19 cases have reduced , the situation of numerous families still remains grim. Met Abhishek who has lost his hearing to cancer, is still undergoing treatment. Deeply touched by his love and praying for his speedy recovery. I urge people to come forward, we, together can help them overcome these difficult times,” the actor wrote.

On Twitter, Sonu responded to a user who shared the video of the Dabangg star meeting his fan. “I must have done something right in my life that people shower so much of love everyday. I pray that all their miseries end. Humbled,” Sonu tweeted.

From helping migrants travel back home during the first wave of the coronavirus to arranging medical help for thousands affected by the damaging second wave, Sonu Sood has served as an example of responsible use of power.

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