Sharad Malhotra makes two hush-hush trips to Kolkata to meet family: Travel experiences have been scary, some people aren’t still following rules

Ever since the lockdown was announced in March 2020, actor Sharad Malhotra has been worried about his parents who live in Kolkata. Given the pandemic and them being senior citizens, the actor didn’t go home earlier but recently he made two quick trips and kept his visits hush-hush.

“I had gone there on Bhai dooj in November and on my mom’s birthday in December. They’ve been quite worried about Ripci (Sharad’s wife) and me, and have been wanting to be with us. We’ve not met them for months because of this pandemic, so they’ve been missing us a lot. Especially my mom was quite worried because I’m shooting every day and had contracted the virus too,” the actor tells us.

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Malhotra shares that her parents were supposed to visit them during Ganesh Chaturthi, and he was also planning to travel to Kolkata during Durga Puja with Ripci.

He continues, “But we couldn’t do anything in 2020. My mo would often get emotional during our calls. The pandemic has taught us a lot, especially the realisation to stay close to family. I plan to bring my parents to Mumbai the moment it gets safer for them to travel.”

Talking about his travel experiences, the actor adds that it has been quite “scary and different”.

He elaborates, “I had to be very careful because I was going home and my parents are aged. While some people are following rules, many are still taking things lightly. At the airport, I saw many people not maintaining social distancing. It’s sad that even after so many lives have been lost, this pandemic couldn’t drill in some sense into these people.”

Malhotra urges everyone to be responsible and not take the situation for granted. “We’ve to step out, we can’t stop working and need to rebuild our economy, but that doesn’t mean we’d be careless. The virus is there, and we still don’t have the vaccine. So, we need to act sensibly,” he ends.

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