Sameera Reddy pens note on weight-loss journey after losing 10 kgs: ‘I was 92 kg, and I was as happy then as I am now’

In her latest Instagram post, Sameera Reddy also advised her fans to not get consumed by negativity. She wrote that she is as happy today, after losing 10 kgs, as she was before she began her weightloss journey.

Actor Sameera Reddy, who wins hearts for quirky videos with her children Hans and Nyra, took to Instagram and penned a relevant post regarding body positivity. She mentioned her weight loss journey and that she is as content now as she was before she began working out. She also advised her fans to not get consumed by negativity.

Sharing a photo with her son Hans, Sameera wrote, “Do not let the negativity or judgement consume you to a point where you can’t enjoy the people and things you love.. many of us make that mistake! I’ve done it in the past and I wish I hadn’t. This picture is Jan 2021, I was 92 kg and i can say I was as happy then as I am now today 10 kgs less. To feel connected with your self worth at any stage , any age however unflattering or imperfect your appearance may be to others, is what the #bodypositivity is all about!”

In an earlier video, Sameera said that she has been actively trying to work out and achieve her goal weight before Diwali. She also thanked her fans for supporting her throughout the journey. The actor has always been vocal in discussing important issues such as losing pregnancy weight, mental health issues, body image issues and more. Though she has not been a part of Bollywood for quite some time, fans still enjoy her posts.



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In an earlier Instagram post, Sameera wrote about how comfortable she was ‘in her bare skin’. “Today I’m so comfortable in my bare skin but I admit a few years back I would never let anyone take pictures of me without full makeup on,” she expressed in the post.

“I’m now happy to just have a nice gloss and a full smile. Confidence really does come from within and I guess only time teaches you to believe in yourself,” she added.


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