Salaar Trailer: Non-Stop Action!

If Salaar is just a compendium of violent action, and an overuse of CGI, it would be a tedious watch, sighs Deepa Gahlot.

In the teaser of Salaar: Part 1- The Ceasefire, Tinnu Anand declared, ‘Lion, tiger, cheetah… very dangerous, but not in Jurassic Park… because in Jurassic Park there is…’

And it cut to Prabhas’s extended fist, with the words Rebel Star.

The label has been appropriated from Shammi Kapoor, to whom it was given back in the 1960s.

What is this Prabhas rebelling against? We can’t judge from the trailer.

Salaar is by the makers of KGF, and grandly proclaims itself to be a violent film.

As a character declares in the trailer, ‘Violence is in our blood.’

In terms of plot, Director Prashanth Neel, channelling his own 2014 film Ugramm, could be said to be recycling an overused template — a friend coming to the aid of his buddy in need, and the two defeating the enemy. RRR used it too, to better effect.


Going by the action-packed trailer, the film is set in a fictional kingdom of Khansaar. The period is imaginary.

There is talk of succession of the prince, Varadharaaja Mannar (Prithviraj Sukumaran), in old-style costume, and a massive nose-ring, but the weaponry and sets are contemporary.

In childhood, Varadha’s friend Deva (who grows up to be Prabhas) had promised that he would be there whenever needed: ‘For you, I will be bait, and I will be shark.’

The usual bunch of grimacing villains, who want to depose Varadha, snatch that nose ring and summon the Russians and the Serbians to help take over the kingdom.

‘Where is our army?’ asks an aide of the prince, and all he says is, ‘Deva.’

Because Deva is a one-man army, and also a star in search of a hit (after the Adipurush disaster).

The trailer shows glimpses of extravagant action set pieces, which look like they were pieced together from dozens of Hollywood films — lots of marching soldiers, explosions, fire and men hit by Deva, flying back in slow motion.

Varadha then declares that he wants the whole kingdom, as far as the eye can see, and with his Salaar (commander) Deva by his side, they will slash and burn through the bleak, dark landscape.

Shruti Haasan is supposed to be the leading lady, but the trailer gives her a blink-and-miss appearance.

If the film is just a compendium of violent action, and an overuse of CGI, it would be a tedious watch.

But if there is more plot and substance to it — some emotions, a bit of humour — then maybe the formula will work once again.

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