Rubina Dilaik snubs Jasmin Bhasin, gives shoutout to Aly Goni for their music video Tera Suit

While Jasmin Bhasin had an acrimonious relationship with Rubina Dilaik in Bigg Boss 14, boyfriend Aly Goni struck a strong bond with her. Jasmin and Aly's music video, Tera Suit, came out on Monday.

Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin’s first music video together, “Tera Suit”, was released on Monday amid a lot of buzz from their fans. Created by Tony Kakkar, the song has been receiving a lot of love from their friends and co-stars. However, one shoutout that stood out from the rest was by Rubina Dilaik. The Bigg Boss 14 winner tagged good friend Aly while sharing the link of the music video but royally ignored Jasmin on the same.

Rubina Dilaik shared the poster of the song on her Instagram story yesterday. She wrote “Yay 💃🏻” and tagged Aly Goni and Tony Kakkar. Fans were in for a surprise to see her snub Jasmin Bhasin in the photo.

While Jasmin Bhasin and Rubina Dilaik started on a good note in Bigg Boss 14, things soon turned sour between them. While the latter tried to sort differences between them, Jasmin seemed to never see eye to eye with her. Interestingly, while his girlfriend loathed Rubina, Aly Goni struck a strong bond with her. He even told Jasmin during the connection week that post her exit, Rubina cared for him like family. And witnessing Rubina’s post, we know that the equation with both of them continues to be the same.

Last week, the two leading ladies’ fans also had a social media fight after one of Rubina’s videos got leaked. In the same, she jokingly said, “Jasmin ke ghar kaun jayega? (Who will go to Jasmin’s house). The statement sparked a trend with Jasmin’s fans tweeting, “Jasmin Ke Ghar Hum Jaenge”. The actor also took to social media to calm the spirited fight and asked everyone to spread positivity.

Earlier talking about how differences that cropped between them, Jasmin Bhasin told, “It all happened during the panchayat task. While I have always loved her as a friend, I was shocked to realise she had a very different opinion about me. That’s how things started getting worse between us. She is playing a game and is manipulative and tries to create a narrative about everyone. I don’t blame her as this show requires one to pull others down in order to shine. And hence, I don’t hold any grudge against her, nor do I hate her.”

The Bigg Boss 14 winner, Rubina Dilaik, on the other hand told us that the fight with Jasmin had taken a toll on her. She said, “I have always been selective about people who enter my life. I am a person who gives every ounce to the ones I embrace. And when you do that, and your love and respect are not reciprocated, it shatters the confidence and faith in the relationship. These two (Jasmin and Rakhi) people, events and incidences really hit me hard. However, I started my journey on the show with a clean slate, and I am exiting with a clean one again. Hence, I have no grudges.”

Whatever the two may say, the grudge seems to only intensify with time.

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