Naveen Polishetty: Agent Athreya would have blocked Jogipet Srikanth on Facebook

In a fun conversation ahead of the release of ‘Jathi Ratnalu’, actor Naveen Polishetty decodes his character Jogipet Srikanth

Jathi Ratnalu was a project not many had heard of, outside the film industry circles, a few months ago. Produced by Swapna Dutt and Nag Ashwin and directed by first-timer Anudeep K V, the madcap comedy starring Naveen Polishetty, Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna has caught wide attention thanks to the hilarious teaser, trailer, and of course, whirlwind promotions across the different cities of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in the last two weeks.

A day before the theatrical release of Jathi Ratnalu, we cornered Naveen Polishetty to know more about Jogipet Srikanth. Translated excerpts from the conversation (since Srikanth isn’t conversant in English):

How would you describe Jogipet Srikanth?

He’s the kind of guy Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya (Naveen’s 2019 Telugu film) would have blocked on Facebook and never be friends with. Agent and Naveen are polar opposites to each other. Agent is intelligent while Srikanth is innocent but extremely dumb. He thinks he is a ‘turrum’ (hero) but has no idea that he’s gullible. He has no aim in life and is laidback.

What if Srikanth walks into Agent Athreya’s office, now that he’s been blocked on social media?

He would go into Athreya’s office and try out his hat, coat and look at the case files. But it might take him a few hours to deduce, hypothetically speaking, the gender of a victim. He will end up annoying Sandhya (Athreya’s assistant), who then will have a new-found respect for Agent and maybe fall in love with him. So we can have a romantic sequel to ASSA.

What does Srikanth do at the ladies emporium?

His dad set up a small business in his name, called Srikanth Ladies Emporium. Srikanth is popular with the women folk because he can match bangles well and also take care of sari falls and pico work. Anyone who wants to match bangles with their clothes for a special occasion takes Srikanth’s help.

A typical day in Srikanth’s life?

It would most likely begin after sunset. He usually goes to Secunderabad Clock Tower to gossip with his friends (Shekhar and Ravi), then have chicken and beer and drive down to the Manjeera dam, return home pretty late and get yelled at by his parents.

If Srikanth is dumb and annoying, how does Chitti (Faria Abdullah in the film) love him?

She realises that he is childlike and innocent. He has the small-town charm, and is actually lovable.

What is he likely to do on Shivaratri, March 11?

His parents might force him to fast, but he will call his friends and arrange for food. There’s an area behind the ladies emporium where I am sure they will eat every two hours.

Won’t he be watching the 8:45 a.m. show of Jathi Ratnalu?

For sure he will be there. He is among those who will come out after watching the film and give his review to television crews stating “picture blockbuster anna, mind pothundanna”.

What could happen if Srikanth crosses the path with Naveen Polishetty?

I would probably block him on social media too. I need a detox from the Jogipet Srikanth mode after the film releases, so that no one thinks I am like him.

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