Madhuri Dixit: I was happy being unknown in Denver

This is the Madhuri Dixit you never knew.

The soccer mom. The one who went grocery shopping.

The lady who went mountain biking.

And someone who will never, ever, go bungee jumping.

Madhuri Dixit reveals her mommy side and blushes when she recalls the most romantic moments in her life in this fascinating interview with‘s Savera R Someshwar.

Part 1 of the interview: Madhuri, like never before!

Before marriage, you had a very different lifestyle. You were the centre of your universe. What gave you the courage to step out of that universe into a relationship as complicated and demanding as marriage? How did you deal with the initial years?

Everybody has dreams for themselves and how their life will be. For me, marriage and having kids was a very, very integral part of it. I didn’t want to be just a professional.

I come from a large family, four siblings. So I wanted a family. It was a very important part of the dreams I had for myself.

When I found the right person, it was very important that he didn’t know me as an actress because then he would know me as a person first.

When people have seen you as an actress, they have pre-conceived notions about how you should be…

None of it was there here with him. It was like starting on a blank piece of paper. For both of us, it was great.

I had found the right person, so there was no sense in waiting. What was I waiting for? I found the right person, I wanted to get married and I did.

And as far as balancing the two worlds goes, I get asked that all the time. How do you do it? (said with emphasis)

So I say my life is bipolar (laughs).

It’s like two extremes — one is a completely private life and the other is completely public.

How do I adjust? I don’t know.

Maybe it’s just my personality that can switch off and switch on, you know.

When I was with my family in Denver I was happy being unknown.

I enjoyed being on my own and taking my car out for grocery shopping — I loved doing that — taking my kids to school, dropping them off, picking them up…

But I enjoy the other side too. I enjoy my job. I enjoy being on the sets and doing what I do best.

The mantra is to really enjoy what you do… that’s very important.

If I think working is a burden because I have kids and a family, then it will be a burden.

I enjoy both aspects. I love talking to my kids. I love sitting with them, acting boisterous or going out or playing with them. I enjoy cooking for them…

I don’t feel it’s drudgery or it’s work… It’s not. It’s lovely.

That’s very important, to be happy in your space.

Please ….

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