Is Hrithik Getting Married To Saba?

A report doing the rounds is that Hrithik Roshan intends to tie the knot with girlfriend Saba Azad in November.

When Subhash K Jha connected with Hrithik’s father Rakesh Roshan, he denied any knowledge of a wedding in the family.

Says Rakesh, “I’ve not heard anything about this so far.”

Further information came from another source close to Hrithik .

Says the source, “Why doesn’t the media give them (Hrithik and Saba) space to let their relationship grow? Dosti hui nahin ki shaadi ki baat shuroo? (They have just become friends, so why speak of marriage?) They are getting to know each other. Let them be.”

“Hrithik is not an adolescent in love. There are responsibilities. There are children involved. It is very irresponsible to push them into a corner.”

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