Inside Shraddha Arya’s wedding reception: Kundali Bhagya actor poses with husband Rahul Nagal, feasts on spectacular cake

New pictures from Kundali Bhagya actor Shraddha Arya and her husband Rahul Nagal's reception have emerged online. Check them out here.

Kundali Bhagya actor Shraddha Arya looked like the coolest bride in photos and videos from her wedding festivities. Now, new pictures from her reception have emerged online. Shraddha Arya tied the knot with Rahul Nagal on November 16, and it looks like the couple hosted a wedding reception on November 17.

Close friends and family members were seen at the reception party. Shraddha Arya wore a saree for the celebration and also had her red chuda on. Rahul Nagal, meanwhile. wore a suit. A photo of the reception cake was also shared by one of the guests. In a video, Shraddha smiled as she posed for selfies with her BFF Neha Adhvik Mahajan.

See some inside photos and videos from Shraddha Arya’s reception:



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Here are some more photos from Shraddha Arya’s wedding:



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Shraddha Arya’s wedding was attended by her family members and her close friends from the industry, like Anjum Fakih, Supriya Shukla, Shashank Vyas, and others.

Who is Shraddha Arya’s husband Rahul Nagal

Rahul Nagal works in the navy, and they were introduced to each other by their families. Talking about the couple, a source earlier shared with, “Shraddha and Rahul recently met and connected well. Rather than waiting, they decided to take the plunge immediately.”

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