Gehana Vasisth is being made a victim by vested interests, claims publicist

According to Gehana Vasisth's publicist and legal affairs head Flynn Remedios, the Gandii Baat actor "suffered 4 cardiac arrests in the last one year" and is also asthmatic.

Actor Gehana Vasisth was arrested on Sunday for allegedly shooting and uploading obscene and pornographic content on her website. Following Vasisth’s arrest, the actor’s publicist and legal affairs head Flynn Remedios issued a statement.

Remedios said that his client shouldn’t be kept in custody owing to her “fragile health”. According to him, Vasisth “suffered 4 cardiac arrests in the last one year” and is also asthmatic. Remedios further urged the authorities to allow her to get hospitalised at the earliest.

“Gehana Vasisth has suffered 4 cardiac arrests in the last one year. She is also asthmatic and her health is very fragile. Mumbai police should treat her on humanitarian grounds. She is not a criminal and had only shot erotica. There is no pornography in her work. The State should not interfere in the creative and artistic expression of an actor or director. She is not at all involved in the alleged porn racket run by others.

In November 2019, she was on ventilator for a week and had closely escaped from the jaws of death. Her sugar levels are above 500 and the day she was arrested, her sugar was 600. She needs to be hospitalised immediately, said her personal doctor and diabetes and cardiac expert Dr Pranav Kabra who had treated her for diabetic ketoacidosis in November 2019. Diabetic ketoacidosis is a fatal condition and kills 98 percent of patients who suffer from it.

Gehana Vasisth aka Vandana Tiwari is totally innocent. She is not involved in any porn film racket. As the producer and director of her company GV Studios, she has only produced and directed films that are permissible in law and at most can be classified or categorized as erotica. She is being falsely implicated and trapped or made a victim by vested interests and business competitors who are out to defame her. We have full faith in the judiciary and the Indian legal system. Unfortunately, Mumbai Police, which is otherwise the best police force in the world, has mixed up and clubbed together Gehena’s erotica filmmaking work with hard porn and hard porn makers in India. There is a legal difference between erotica or sensual or bold films and hardcore porn, but unfortunately, we are really saddened by the fact that the cops have clubbed both together. We hope the courts will identify the difference and give Gehana justice in the coming days.”

Gehana Vasisth is best known for ALTBalaji’s web series Gandii Baat. She had a lead role in the Star Plus show Behenein. She has also appeared in films like Luckhnowi Ishq, Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai, among others.

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