Bollywood’s 10 WORST Gangster Films

The sly, organised crime activities have long been a favourite theme of Bollywood filmmakers. 

Deftly made films like Parinda, Satya, Vaastav, Company, Maqbool and Gangs of Wasseypur only fuelled the fascination for the noir, deceitful traits of Indian mafia.

But not all offerings in the genre live to the potential of the premise.

A former expert in the field, director Ram Gopal Varma’s struggle to regain his magic touch can be trace in mediocre, graphic or plain awful attempts at the same.

Last Friday, he hit the screens with a much-dreaded sequel to his 1998 classic, Satya hoping to reclaim his glory.

What he did manage is a gangster flick bad enough to lead this list of Bollywood’s worst films in the category.

Satya 2

Without the skilful writing of Saurabh Shukla and Anurag Kashyap at his disposal, Varma fumbles badly with a gawky hero Puneet Singh Ratn as the composed mastermind surreptitiously building his place into the underworld that’s more theory than practical.

Satya 2 drags endlessly displaying none of the gritty characteristics and capricious atmosphere that defined the first.

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