Bigg Boss 16: Abdu-Nimrit’s ‘love talks’

Abdu Roziq arrived in the house with a lot of confidence and quickly charmed the audience with his cute quirks.

Though he was missing from action in the last few days, Abdu is back in his element and was seen entertaining the housemates in the latest episode.


Abdu: The Entertainer!

Abdu is in the danger zone this week, but the entertainer in him is back in form.

He tells Shiv Thakare and MC Stan about Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot getting cozy. He even mimics them.

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia tells Abdu that her brother, who lives in Dubai, is a big fan of his.

Abdu teases Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Nimrit, and then dances with Nimrit.

Abdu continues his masti in the kitchen area when Archana Gautam asks him to help her out.


Time to play boys hostel, girls hostel

Sajid Khan announces the new task where the garden area is divided in two parts — the boys hostel and the girls hostel.

Sajid and Archana are the wardens, and everyone else is paired as a couple: Nimrit is with Abdu, Priyanka with Ankit Gupta, Soundarya Sharma with Gautam Vig, Tina with Shalin, Shiv with Gori Nagori and Sumbul Touqeer with Stan.

The couples have to talk to each other on the phone kept in the garden area.

The wardens will decide if they want the couples to talk or not.

The couple who manages to talk the most will win.

If none of them win, the wardens will get the advantage.


Romance in the air!

The task begins and it’s chaos initially.

Ankit, Shalin, Gautam try to convince Sajid to tell them to call their girlfriends, but they fail.

Abdu is the first one to get a chance to talk to Nimrit, and they have a cute conversation.

Ankit and Priyanka get a chance to talk on the phone, followed by Shiv and Gori Nagori.

In the end, Stan and Sumbul talk to each other and with that four couples gain one point each.


Sajid and Archana win

When the task ends, none of the couples win.

So Sajid and Archana end up getting the ration as well as the power to assign everyone their new bedrooms.

They announce that Stan, Shiv, Abdu, Gori and Sajid will share a room whereas Archana’s roommate will be Shalin.

Gautam, Soundarya and Tina will be in one room and Priyanka, Ankit, Nimrit and Sumbul will share the other.

Tina is clearly not happy, but doesn’t voice her opinion.


My Take

So far none of the tasks this season have been very challenging.

Thursday’s episode was quite blah; none of the contestants stood out, except Abdu.

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