Ananya Panday responds to being called ‘fake Panday’, ‘struggling didi’: ‘I am 100 per cent real’

In the latest episode of Arbaaz Khan's Pinch, Ananya Panday responds to hurtful comments about her acting skills, personality and more.

Actor Ananya Panday is ready to take on haters, but with a twist. In the latest Pinch promo, host Arbaaz Khan reads out several unpleasant comments about her acting, accent and ‘artificiality’. Ananya keeps the cheer and smiles, as she believes that the only way to respond such venom and vitriol is with love. The actor even laughs at some of the comments.

One user wrote to Ananya saying, “Oh my god her accent, my ears are bleeding.” Ananya responded, “I’m so sorry. I’ll send a tissue to you.” In another part of the clip, she wonders why people call her ‘struggling didi’. “It’s really funny,” she says. Ananya had a witty response to a troll who said that ‘overacting is written all over her face’. She responded, by pointing to her face.

Ananya’s method of handling trolls seems straightforward. She says, “If someone is so poisonous and angry, the only response should be love.” Someone else called her artificial, ‘Fake Panday’ and Ananya replied, “You can call me everything else but not artificial. I am 100 per cent real.” One user asked her to get married, she says that she has no such plans now, and to ask again when she is 30 years old. Someone else made a limerick on her struggling, and Ananya laughed saying, “I love it!”

Ananya Panday is no stranger to brutal trolling and has faced much heat from social media users for her choice of attire, opinions on nepotism and Instagram captions. The actor started an initiative called Positive, which helps kids to deal with bullies. In an earlier interview, she had mentioned that she was bullied in school for her looks. ” In school, I would always be uncomfortable because my skirt would expose my thin, chicken legs and wiry hands. I would get called a hunchback as I am tall and would always bend down to hear people. This is the reason trolls don’t affect me, as I have been bullied in school,” she had said.

Arbaaz Khan’s Pinch airs weekly on Zee 5.

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