WWE Fastlane Results: The Fiend returns, Roman Reigns remains head of the table

WWE Fastlane Results, Winners, Results, Reaction and Highlights: Randy Orton's worst nightmare became a reality as The Fiend returned.

WWE Fastlane Results, Winners, Results, Reaction, and Highlights:  The Fiend reemerged in ghastly fashion, helping Alexa Bliss pin The Viper after a stunning series of events.

Orton was snakebit before the bout even began, as the mysterious greenish-black liquid we’ve seen previously spilled from his mouth, sending Orton into a fit.

A ghostly-looking Alexa Bliss entered the WWE ThunderDome and set the tone for a supernatural-laden showdown, as she appeared to set off flames right in front of Orton immediately after the opening bell.

Enraged, Orton charged Bliss looking for a tackle but instead collided with the ring post shoulder-first. Orton continued to pursue her after recovering, only to be narrowly missed by a lighting rig Bliss seemed to cause to fall from the WWE ThunderDome.

Bliss lured a now-cautious Orton back inside the ring before blowing a fireball at The Apex Predator. And just when she appeared to be out of tricks, a hand came through the mat, grabbing Orton.

The Viper could only watch in sheer disbelief as The Fiend emerged from underneath the ring, heavily burned thanks to Orton’s dastardly deeds a few months ago. With Orton shellshocked, The Fiend dropped him with Sister Abigail, clearing the way for Bliss to pin him.

Elsewhere, Drew McIntyre cleared his path to Wrestlemania when he defeated Sheamus in a gruelling ‘No Holds Barred Match’.

Also at Fastlane, Roman Reigns defended his Universal Title against Daniel Bryan and emerged victorious after outside interference and Edge using the steel chair on both the athletes.

As of now, it seems like Bryan will go to the WrestleMania match with Edge and Reigns, and there’s nothing bad about that at all.

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