What’s Sindhu Doing With Tim Cook?

Hey, we thought low-on-confidence-low-on-peformance Sindhu had sought Deepika’s dad’s help to boost her baddie game. But here she is in Cupertino in Silicon Valley schmoozing with a gentle gent who plays badminton to stay trim.

‘An unforgettable moment meeting Tim Cook on keynote day at Apple Cupertino! Thank you for having me, Tim. It was a pleasure to see the stunning Apple Park and to meet you! I will gladly take you up on the offer to play badminton when you visit India next.’

‘I find myself immersed in an #apple keynote event that promises innovation, excitement, surprises, and, of course, a great conversation. Thank you, Tim Cook.’

Tim is an inspirational figure and someone who gave Apple unexpected momentum after its visionary founder Steve Jobs passed into the ages 12 years ago this October 6. He could give Sindhu some sage advice on how to bounce back from the lower depths of the badminton ranks where the double Olympic medalist and former World No. 1 finds herself today.

Sindhu girl, we know you are going to come back, and how! Gold is what we expect from you in Paris next year, and we know you will bring it home!

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