What Did Kohli, Bairstow Say To Each Other?

Jonny Bairstow and Virat Kohli were involved in a heated exchange on Day 3 of the fifth Test between England and India at Edgbaston in Birmingham.

The previous day, July 2, 2022, Jonny and Virat were photographed with their arms around each other.

The next day, Virat seemed peeved with something Jonny said to him.

Although Bairstow tried to calm things down, Kohli didn’t back down.

Bairstow signalled with his gloved fingers how Kohli was yapping away.

Kohli put his finger on his lips and gestured for the Englishman to bat.

Bairstow gestured to Kohli to go back and field.

Umpires Aleem Dar and Richard Kettleborough then intervened to get Jonny and Virat to pipe down.

At the end of the day’s play, Bairstow said there was nothing to their verbal scuffle.

‘Refused to invite him for dinner,’ Bairstow quipped.

‘There was literally nothing. We’ve been fortunate to play against each other for ten years. So, I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to have dinner. Don’t worry about it,’ Bairstow added.

Jonny was on 13 off 60 when pungent words flew around. After that, he shifted gears and galloped to his third consecutive Test hundred in 119 balls.

One social media observer noted that nothing gets Bairstow in a murderous batting mood than hot words from the opposition. Virat would do well to remember that the next time they play against each other in the ODIs and T20Is later this month.

‘We’re very lucky to be out there playing because that’s why we play the game, isn’t it?’ Bairstow said at the media interaction. ‘Two very competitive people out on the field doing what they love. And that’s why we play the game. You’ve got 11 guys on each side that are very passionate to do so well for their country.’

“And yeah, look, it’s passion, it’s what you play for… So, I hope that clears it up, but, look, it was great crack out there and to be playing against a fantastic team in India is, is always going to be tough.’

‘And like I said, you’ve got to absorb those tough periods of time and and try and shift and wrestle momentum back at others.’

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