Don’t play IPL if there’s pressure: Kapil

With a hectic cricket calendar rendering some cricketers injured and suffering mental breakdowns while others being forced into early retirement, Indian cricket legend Kapil Dev has advised players to not participate in the Indian Premier League if it’s taxing.

The former India captain said that players should focus on playing the sport with passion.

“I hear a lot of times on TV that there’s a lot of pressure on players to play in the IPL. Then I only say one thing, don’t play. If a player has passion, there will be no pressure. I can’t understand these American terms, like depression. I’m a farmer and we play because we enjoy the game, and there can’t be any pressure while enjoying the game,” Kapil said at an event on Saturday.

“We play for enjoyment and there can’t be pressure in enjoyment. When you love the game you can’t have pressure”, he added.


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