This police cop is a saviour for workers of GB road

A seemingly unassuming woman sitting at her desk crouched into loose sheets of paper of a new case file, vigorously scribbling away all the while surrounded by people constantly interrupting her is none other than Sub-inspector Kiran Sethi, posted at GB Road police station. If her name doesn’t instantly ring a bell, it is perhaps because of true heroism, in Arthur Ashe’s words “remarkably sober, very undramatic.” It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.

Kiran believes her duty does not end at the completion of her shift but lies in the all round, wholesome and comprehensive service to all those in need. Being an accomplished Judo practitioner and earning a black belt, teaching self-defence came naturally to Sethi. The 53-year old says, “ I have trained 6 lakh girls in the art of self-defence including visually impaired and the differently abled.”

Adding that aatma raksha is zaroori, and security awareness training helps towards mental peace. Accustomed to operating in difficult circumstances, the pandemic did not stop Sethi from helping sex workers by organising yoga and meditation camps and roping in doctors for health check-ups. She says, “ I am grateful to the doctors of AIIMS, Delhi who took out their precious time on my request to provide free health check ups to these vulnerable women.”

Not new to recognition, she had her moment of glory when home minister Rajnath Singh felicitated her for training more than 5,000 schoolchildren on International Women’s Day in 2015.

Upon asking her to talk about the accolades and praise she receives from all quarters, in her own humble style, she says, “ I am grateful to my seniors for the support that my seniors have always extended to me.”

Even now she meticulously contributes towards the school fees of multiple children of sex workers out of her own pocket. She says, “These children are the future of our nation and it is important to nurture them in order to secure a bright future for India.”

Quite recently, on official work, Kiran came across a bubbly, vivacious and observant girl living in a brothel. In a short conversation with the child, she learnt that the child has dreams of becoming a doctor. Stumped at this revelation, Sethi took it upon herself to remove this girl from the horrid environment and relocate her to the safety of CWC, Lajpat Nagar ensuring that the little girl is on her way to achieving her dream.

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