Sunday Zodiac: Signs that will be romantic today

Find out which signs have romance on their mind today!

Romance is never out of the equation. But given the stresses of life, it may have been in the back-burner for sometime now. This Sunday is an opportune time to bring back the romance in your life. Here are the signs that will take the initiative quite readily, as shared by Jeevika Sharma, tarot card reader and guidance counsellor.


Aquarius will be turning their romantic mode on Sunday. They will be seen taking all the initiatives to spend some good time with their partner. This would include taking some special efforts to plan out a small surprise.


Pisces have a sense of romance which can be a little different from the other zodiac signs. They have different idea which people could consider selfish. They will feel a little romantic on this Sunday, but what they want is for their partner to spend a lot on them and shower them with expensive gifts. They want to be rewarded for being romantic.


On a romantic Sunday, Aries will pamper their partner by showering them with a lot of gifts. They could also prepare a good meal for their partner or think of an innovative way to make their partner feel loved.


Cancer is another zodiac sign that will be quite romantic this Sunday. They would love to spend some time with their partners outdoors. It could be a vacation, a small outing around the town, or a nice walk.

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