Sunday Zodiac: How will the full moon in Libra affect you this Holi weekend?

Make some wise decisions with our special guidance as per your zodiac sign

All set for the Sunday Holi weekend? This Sunday, it is all about the full moon in Libra and how it will affect your mood and chances. To guide you with the best, we have Anantikaa R Vig, certified tarot reader and life coach, explaining how it will turn out for each zodiac sign.


The full moon in Libra is bringing you some major decisions to make in your life. The full moon is in your partnership zone, asking you about the important relationships in your life. Should you stay in your relationship or should you go? Think it through, Aries and make a wise decision. Mental emotional wellness is important for you to focus.


Yes, the full moon is in your sector of routine, encouraging you to make smart changes to a few of your habits that could boost your productivity and health. What can you do to improve your mental and physical health going forward? Stay positive, and eat well.


Whether you’re choosing romance, creativity, children, or entertainment, make sure you consult your heart before deciding. Follow your intuition and stay positive. Be alert to receive signs that may help you to solve your problem.


The full moon is in your sector of family, which could lead you to make some tough decisions regarding your personal life. If you feel overwhelmed, look at the facts before deciding and stay calm. Don’t get over excited in making any decision.


If you have to make a decision, use logical reasoning while talking with others to make the right choice. It is going to help you and bring balance along with clarity. Bring your loved ones in to help you.


You need to focus on your work and make money when the full moon is in Libra. This full moon encourages you to think about your spending habits and finance. What can you do to increase your cash flow? Plan your cash flow. Stay focused.


You’re are going to feel powerful when the full moon is in your sign today on Sunday. If you’re looking for a change, you might be able to manifest it and receive and experience it soon, especially in the form of new opportunities in your professional and personal life. It’s important, however, to do a major reality check in order to get balanced and don’t forget to create a plan for action.


The week ends on an emotional note when the full moon is in Libra and your privacy zone on Sunday, making you extra emotional as you seek solitude. Take care of yourself, but don’t isolate yourself. It could do more harm than good to you in your personal or professional life.


Sunday is a good day for manifesting considering the full moon. If you make a wish, it is sure to come true. It’s also a good day to make decisions regarding your social life and take an interest in humanitarian causes.


If you make a wish, it is sure to come true and get manifested. It’s also a good day to make decisions regarding your social life and take an interest in charitable cause or some help towards your loved ones.


Finally, your week ends on an adventurous note. The energy of the full moon is in your philosophy zone, encouraging you to seek adventure and your passion. Today it’s going to be a fun day. Whether you’re deciding to go back to school and think creatively, planning a vacation, or just getting a little more curious about the world, you’re taking the first steps to expanding your horizons and vision.


So your week ends on a nostalgic note. The moon is in your intimacy zone, bringing some major transformations your way and in your life. While this is a time for growth and success, you might have to make some tough choices in your career. What are you willing to let go of in order to move forward as of now?

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