Salt water is the best skin healer for me: Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber revealed the secret to good skin in a recent interview

Hailey Bieber loves nature and it is seen in how deeply it influences her lifestyle.

In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the model spoke about her nature-inspired lockdown diet. She revealed she was on “plant-based diet for two months during the quarantine”.

“I felt great and I had a lot of energy, but it was not for me. I don’t eat a strictly plant-based diet and I do still eat meat. I just don’t eat a lot of it. I’ve picked up more fish, greens, and lentils,” she was quoted as saying.



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The 24-year-old went on to share details about her skincare routine, and how she mastered the art of at-home facial during the pandemic. “After the stay-at-home order took place, I started testing out different face masks and indulging in facial massage. I work with a massage therapist in L.A. who has taught me a lot about Gua Sha and I’m a big believer in facial massage to keep the skin looking fresh and young. It also feels so luxurious.”

Turns out, Hailey’s secret to good skin is the ocean. “Saltwater is the best skin healer for me, and I’ve found that nature can be the most soothing for my sensitive skin,” she said.

Another integral part of her self-care routine is relaxing steam, which, she says, is a good stress-buster too. “I love to be able to like sweat in steam and then follow it with cold water, especially during the flu season or if you feel a cold coming on. It’s a good stress-relieving too,” she added.

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