Photo studio employee found dead under mysterious circumstances in Ludhiana

A 25-year-old employee of a photo studio in Jagraon was found dead under mysterious circumstances at his workplace on Sunday while his colleague was found unconscious.

The deceased has been identified as Happy of Jagraon. His co-worker Aman has been admitted to the hospital.

Froth was emitting from their mouths, which prompted police to explore the angel of suicide or food poisoning. But, food leftover or poison have not been found in the room, which is on the first floor of the studio.

Inspector Nidhan Singh, station house officer at Jagraon city police station, said that nothing unusual has been captured in the CCTV camera installed in the room. He said that Aman, Happy, Rama, Sunny and Anand, employees of Kaka ji studio on Kuchha Malak Road, had slept in the studio on Saturday night.

On Sunday morning Rama, Sunny and Anand left, while Happy and Aman decided to stay back.As seen in the footage, Happy and Aman had gone to the washroom at 8.30am and 9.24am, respectively, and gone back to sleep again.The son of the studio’s owner was first to notice them at 12.30pm.

He immediately sounded the police and rushed them to hospital.The inspector added that the situation will be clear after recording Aman’s statement. Inquest proceedings have been initiated under Section 174 of CrPC.

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