No exams for students of class IX and XI, says Sisodia

CBSE Wednesday had said board exams for Class X stand cancelled amid rising cases of Covid-19.

In an Instagram live session Thursday night, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said students of class IX and XI in Delhi will not have to appear for exams, and that their evaluation will be done along the lines of Class X students.

CBSE Wednesday had said board exams for Class X stand cancelled amid rising cases of Covid-19. Exams for Class XII have been postponed till at least June, when the board will review the situation. Sisodia also received several comments and suggestions from users asking for the Class XII exams to be cancelled as well. He said while he agreed, the decision lay with the CBSE.

Sisodia had taken to the social media platform to seek suggestions from the public on how Class X students can be evaluated after the cancellation of exams. “I have not come here to tell you what will be done, but rather ask you for suggestions on how we can evaluate these students,” he said.

After receiving multiple queries on exams for students in classes IX and XI, he said, “For students of class IX and XI, there will be the same formula as those in 10th. For class IX and XI students too exams won’t be held in Delhi. But we want to know how to promote these students of Class IX and XI. For students of Class X, we have internal assessment details, pre-board marks, practical marks, result of class IX, unit test marks, and attendance.”

People commented with several suggestions on how to evaluate Class X scores including considering marks obtained in the mid-term exams. One person suggested that students be evaluated based on their performance in the practical exams and internal assessment. Another person suggested considering an average of marks in Class VIII and IX.

Students in the live session also complained of having a long academic year. On one student’s comment that they had been in the same class for 13 months, Sisodia said, “It’s painful, I know.”

On requests to cancel the Class XII Board exams, he said, “It is better you (viewers) ask this to the CBSE. I had said yesterday also that the Class XII Board exams should have been cancelled too.”

He also said students and parents should have patience. “It may be possible that by end of May, the situation starts normalising,” he said, adding that exams could be held thereafter or cancelled if the situation worsens.

At the end of the 15-minute long live session, Sisodia said, “I will incorporate these suggestions and also give inputs to CBSE, and other officials concerned. You are free to send more suggestions.”

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