Is your skincare routine working for you? Here’s how to check

"Before developing a daily regime, it is important to first understand your skin type and its concerns"

Great skin is more than just about good genes, it involves taking constant care of its needs and concerns. But, it must also be noted that one does not necessarily have to adopt a 10-step skincare routine to get healthy skin, it is more important to understand the skin first and then proceed with a suitable regime.

“If your skincare regime is based on realistic parameters, considering your skin type, targeted concerns, suitable ingredients and skin cycle, then it is definitely going to help you achieve your skin goals,” said Vipul Gupta, founder of Re’equil. To make it easy, here are some quick tips to know whether your skincare regime is effective.

Understand your skin type

“This is an essential, yet the most ignored step of skincare. Before developing a daily regime, it is important to understand your skin type and its concerns. This not only helps you understand the needs and sensitivity of your skin but also pick the right products,” he explained.

Also, note that not every product will work on you, it might rather aggravate and worsen your existing skin condition. That is why it is essential to thoroughly understand your skin type and only then choose the products.

Layer or not to layer

When it comes to skincare, it is equally important to know how different products are going to interact with each other. “In the absence of correct knowledge about skin layering, you might end up reducing or diminishing the effectiveness of certain products. Hence, it is best to keep it simple by just using one active ingredient at a time, rather than layering it all together without having proper knowledge,” he suggested.

Steer clear of misleading claims

“In India, there are hardly any certifying authorities or guidelines to keep the industry in check. There is no way of knowing which products are following protocols despite cruelty-free, vegan or fair-trade labelling printed on the packaging,” said Gupta. Thus, before investing in any brand, “take time and do your research by diving deep into their ideology, work ethics and real customer stories,” he added.

Instant is rarely long-term

As tempting as it may sound, instant is rarely a good sign in skincare. Just like it took time for any damage to occur on your skin, it is going to take equal or even more time, in severe cases, for it to heal. “Leading dermatologists advise to set realistic skin goals and wait for a minimum of 28 days to experience any change (skin cycle of shedding dead skin cells and forming new ones),” informed Gupta.

SPF always

This is not a skincare step but a bare essential to protect the skin. Gupta added, “SPF plays a pivotal role in protecting your skin from any sun or environmental damage, which even all of your other skincare products combined cannot do. Hence, never forget to add a broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 50 sunscreen in your regime.”

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