I am down from 91 to 90.6kg in the past week: Sameera Reddy on fitness, intermittent fasting and more

The trick is to be mindful and keep moving and be active, said Sameera Reddy in an Instagram post

We all want to achieve a certain level of fitness. But as much as it is about setting fitness goals, it is also about being mindful about achieving those plans through commitment and discipline.

Sharing how she is managing to reach her personal goal, actor Sameera Reddy recently posted about her experiences on Instagram. Read on.


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“The discipline and hard work is something I am sticking to as I believe that getting fit is all about creating lifestyle habits. We are not looking at a short-term goal here but a long-term goal to get that weight off,” she said in an Instagram video.

Reddy, a mother of two, has been vocal about various women’s issues, pregnancy weight, and self-love on many occasions.

Sharing how she went through the past week, she said, “Now, the most stressful thing this week was getting a little bit cranky, little bit of mood swings but making sure that I stick to the plan.”

So, what was her routine like?

“I woke up exhausted but still managed 45 minutes of yoga this morning. For me being consistent and disciplined is my only way to make sure I don’t fall off the plan. I’m down from 91 kg to 90.6 in the past week,” she captioned the video.

Eating in the 11 am-7 pm window (as part of 16:8 hours of intermittent fasting) she has been incorporating a lot of fluids, including water, in her routine. She either has herbal tea or black coffee without milk and sugar in the morning.

“This fasting has helped me stop that late-night snacking which was a huge issue for me with mommy exhaustion and attacking sweets for energy! I’m eating at three points – 11 am, 2 pm and 6 pm. I’m not doing any crazy diet. Just very well-balanced meals. If I get on a diet at some point, I will share but I don’t want to overwhelm myself right now,” she added.

And how about working out?

Along with online yoga classes with practitioner Pramila Kamal three times a week, she manages badminton every day and cycling four times a week.

“But the trick is to be mindful and keep moving and be active,” she said.

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