Choose Aakash Repeater Course to Bounce Back in NEET/JEE 2022

The course enables NEET or JEE aspirants to prepare intensely through exhaustive and in-depth study material, mock tests, and guidance of Aakash experts while constantly improving speed, accuracy, and understanding of core concepts.

Want to bounce back in your second innings at NEET/JEE with a top rank? Obviously yes, that’s why you are reading this article.

But confused on how to start?

Every year, lakhs of students register for NEET and JEE, a large number among which are those who take the entrance exams for the second time. As per experts, the number of repeaters appearing for NEET and JEE has increased from around 3-4% earlier to over 10%.

Reappearing for any entrance exam, be it NEET or JEE, can be an exhausting and overwhelming experience for the students. But those who choose the partner / coach in their second attempt get a step closer to achieving their goal of becoming a doctor or an engineer. And one big decision they make is to choose a dedicated repeater course for NEET or JEE. If you are confused about the right NEET or JEE repeater course, Aakash Repeater Course is the answer for you.

Why choose Aakash Repeater Course? 

As you have already gone through the entire syllabus once, there is no point in going through the entire syllabus in that much detail. This is the time to focus only on the important concepts that can fetch you a good score in NEET or JEE. Joining a dedicated repeater course by Aakash can be the best choice for you. Aakash Repeater Courses have been meticulously crafted by the best for students who are focusing solely on reappearing for NEET/JEE. The course enables NEET or JEE aspirants to prepare intensely through exhaustive and in-depth study material, mock tests, and guidance of Aakash experts while constantly improving speed, accuracy, and understanding of core concepts.

There have been several success stories of students who have enrolled in Aakash Repeater Courses. Take the case of Waseem Khan and Nishi Pandey. Both are students of the NEET Repeater Classroom course at Aakash who recorded an over 100% improvement in their scores in their 2nd attempt in NEET 2020 over their 1st attempt in NEET 2019, and managed to secure a score of 650+. 

Scientifically Designed Syllabus and Study Material Prepared by Experts Who have a 33 year old Legacy of Delivering Excellent Results

Classes by the best faculty of Aakash help students focus only on the important and high-weightage topics and get extra time for revision that they otherwise would have had to spend on going through the entire syllabus again. Teachers are very active in the classes and clear all the doubts immediately to ensure that your NEET/JEE preparation is thorough. 

Understanding of Basic Concepts and Study Material

Repeater aspirants benefit from the fact that they don’t have to worry about school studies and board exams. They can concentrate solely on their NEET or JEE prep. This leaves a lot of room for focused and disciplined study. What makes this focused preparation successful is the choice of study material and having access to the right kind of study material. Aakash has put its years’ of expertise into their study material. Their faculty lays stress on referring to NCERT for understanding of basic concepts and deems it indispensable. You can easily find NCERT questions with solutions on Aakash’s website. Moreover, there are important topics questions with detailed solutions from other books as well. All these can be accessed for free on the website.

Regular Mock Tests

Along with the classes, in Aakash repeater courses for NEET/JEE, students also get regular practice tests, mock tests, and the All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS). These tests help students regularly check how well they have understood the topic, their weak areas, and the right techniques to answer the questions. After tests, special test discussion sessions are conducted by the experts to equip students with the right techniques to quickly and accurately mark their answers in the given time.

Hybrid Repeater Course

Keeping the current COVID-19 scenario in the mind, Aakash is offering hybrid courses that offer you the best of both classroom and online learning. Aakash Repeater Hybrid Courses are also available with an option to get your learning device (Tablet), to help you prepare seamlessly from the comfort of home. 

Get up to 90% Scholarship

Everything in Aakash Repeater Courses is directed at helping you crack NEET/JEE to give you an edge over other aspirants. From analysing your mistakes to working on your weaknesses and improving your performance, the faculty helps you at each step. That’s not all, Aakash also offers you an opportunity to get up to 90% Scholarship through Aakash Instant Admission Cum Scholarship Test (iACST). Through iACST, you get a chance to win up to 90% scholarship and pursue your dream career with Aakash’s Repeater/ XII Passed Courses. 

What are you waiting for? Start your second innings in NEET or JEE today with Aakash Repeater Course.

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