Chapped lips? Try this 3-step easy DIY remedy

Say hello to soft, pink lips with this natural remedy!

Winter is here, and so are the seasonal skincare issues associated with the dry and cold season. And while we opt for various treatments and DIYs to keep the skin glowing and moisturised, many of us forget to take care of our lips. If winter is giving you a hard time by making your lips discoloured and chapped, move beyond applying lip blams and try some natural remedies.

Here’s a three-step guide to get rosy, dewy lips from DIY beauty blogger Vandana Goswami.

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Step 1

Sugar scrub


Crushed sugar
Coconut oil


Mix both crushed sugar and coconut oil and apply on the lips.

Step 2

DIY bleaching mixture


Lemon juice
Cotton ball


Mix lemon juice and honey together and apply over the lips using a cotton ball.

Step 3

DIY lip balm


Beetroot juice
Aloe vera gel
Coconut oil


Mix all the ingredients together and apply.

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