Anushka Sharma opts for animal-themed baby nursery; some trendy design ideas for 2021

The perfect nursery decor ideas for 2021 babies are here!

Mum-to-be Anushka Sharma recently revealed that she is all set to welcome her baby with an animal-themed nursery. A strong believer of the concept that boys don’t have to wear blue and girls pink, the actor shared that her nursery welcomes all colours. And if you too are all set to welcome your bundle of joy this year, now is the perfect time to plan and design your baby’s nursery and have it all set before their much-awaited arrival.

“The very thought of having a baby at home brings in joy and excitement. That is why any parent would put their heart-and-soul into designing a nursery room,” said Pankaj Poddar, co-founder, Hipcouch.

Here are some trendy ideas

Crib – a nursery essential

A crib is the foremost necessity of any nursery room. You may think that a crib is only a temporary investment, but you’re mistaken here. Many babies may sleep in the crib for up to three years. Also, investing in a quality crib, which adheres to various safety standards, may be well worth the cost, especially if you are planning to have a second child, too.

As the cradle is the only place where you can comfortably leave the baby alone, buying one after looking into all the minuscule safety and comfort issues may guarantee you peace of mind. For instance, a crib with a toddler rail will be useful in stages when the baby starts climbing out of the crib.

Consider purchasing cribs that convert into toddler beds when the baby outgrows it. As the crib is an essential item of a nursery, it is advisable to order it early enough to give yourself the time to be prepared for any delays or damages during delivery.

Experiment with colours for the bedding

Once the crib is done, the bedding required for it has to be checked next. You can experiment with beautiful colours, show your creativity, and integrate any specific theme as well. It is always advisable to buy crib-fitted sheets in durable fabrics, especially in soft cotton, so that they are not harsh on the baby’s sensitive skin.

Ensure that you have plenty of crib sheets as you may require a lot of additional layers.

A good changing table will come in handy

There is no way you can get away from changing those dirty diapers. However, to make the experience convenient, a good changing table will come in handy. Ensure you have a well-equipped changing table with lots of storage. Keep all essential things well within your reach from the changing station. After all, you would not want to wake up in the middle of the night and scramble for things leaving them unattended on the changing table.

Colourful walls and ceiling

While it is easy to get held up in choosing the wall colours for the nursery, one thing that many parents forget about is the place a baby looks at the most – the ceiling. Hence, the roof ought to be a little more interesting as compared to the walls. The ceiling is a vast canvas, and you can paint it in various ways. However, ensure that it works in tandem with the walls and keep it gender-neutral.

Create multiple storage options

It is easy to oversee the number of items a baby needs. Toys, clothes, diapers, and books, the list goes on and on. Hence, it is an excellent idea to have multiple storage options in various combinations and heights. Cabinets, baskets, etc., can be used to stash in all daily reusable things. Opt for cribs or changing tables with inbuilt storage. Get some organisers that can be mounted on furniture for quick access. Make use of vertical spaces by choosing options like floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets.

Repurposing existing items is also an excellent idea to add to the storage without spending much. Shower curtain rings and clips can be used for storing baby shoes, while ladders can be repurposed for storing blankets or putting up clothes to dry.

Side tables are another exciting and functional piece of furniture for storing quick-access items. Opt for side tables with multiple tiers. Free up table tops by installing wall sconces in place of table lamps. Ottomans with storage can also double up as a side table or storehouse for keeping clothes to be laundered.

Keep in mind that the storage has to satisfy the needs of not only the present but also the coming time and, hence, choose wisely.


When we mention décor, the first thing that comes to our minds is carpet or rug. If you have wooden flooring, opt for a plush woolen carpet. Next, ensure you have blackout curtains to darken the room during the baby’s midday nap time. Keep in mind that while doing the décor, there are no hard and fast rules. Just fill the space with things that keep you and your baby happy.

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