A peek into the future? This reverse vending machine may leave you intrigued. Watch

A video showing a unique vending machine has grabbed the attention of netizens and may leave you fascinated too. The video, shared by Instagram user Ross Creations, shows a vending machine that gives out cash instead of snacks. Yes, you read that right. The video may leave you with many thoughts.

The clip starts with a man standing in front of the unique vending machine as all the slots in it hold cash. The man then inserts a soda can in the slot and enters the desired number. Just like a normal vending machine, it goes on to dispense the cash which the man collects.

Take a look at the clip:

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Shared on January 3, the video has garnered over 4.5 lakh views and tons of comments from netizens. People couldn’t stop appreciating the concept. While some pointed out the helpful recycling part of the video, others expressed how they wanted this vending machine to save the environment from getting littered.

“This could really help with recycling,” wrote an Instagram user. “This is good stuff,” commented another. “Please make an entire store like this,” requested a third. “Just imagine if your money gets stuck inside,” pointed out a fourth.

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