‘Young workers can drive extra $1.9 tn profits’

Young workers can drive an extra $1.9 trillion in corporate profits if given support to adapt to new realities of work, shows a study titled ‘The Born Digital Effect’ conducted by Citrix Systems.

Comprising millennial (born between 1981 and 1996) and Generation Z (born after 1997) workers, Born Digital is the first generation to grow up in an entirely digital world and now account for most of the global workforce.

“To shore up their future business success, companies must understand their values, career aspirations and working styles and invest in their development,” said Donna Kimmel, executive vice president and chief people officer, Citrix.

The study gathered opinions from 1,000 business leaders and 2,000 knowledge workers across 10 countries, including India, to understand what Born Digital wanted from work.

Some 76% of Indian workers preferred to retain a remote or hybrid work model, or a four-day week, post-pandemic.

Younger workers in the country were most focused on career stability and security (94%), opportunities for additional qualifications, training, or re-skilling (93%), and access to quality workplace technology (92%).

Only a fifth of Indian business leaders used instant messaging apps like Slack or WhatsApp for work purposes, compared with almost 90% of Born Digital employees.

Some 86% of Born Digital employees in the country believed that the pandemic had shown their organisations the need to invest more in digital technology, while only 16% of business leaders felt so, the study has found.

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