‘Why no action against politicians involved in illegal quarrying?’

Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah on Thursday said laxity on the part of the State government to take stern action against officials and politicians involved in illegal stone quarrying and the subsequent killing of six people in a blast in Shivamogga district had caused another blast at Hirenagavalli in Chickballapur district last month and caused loss of another six lives.

Mr. Siddaramaiah, who raised the issue in the Legislative Assembly, said both politicians and officials were involved in the two cases of blasts and the government had allowed politicians to go scot-free. Nagaraj of Gudibande was the kingpin in the blast that occurred in Chickballapur last month and people called him “BJP Nagaraj”. The government rejected the demand for a judicial probe sought by the Congress in the blast case, Mr. Siddaramaiah said.

“Who is responsible for the killing of 12 innocent people? Who is to take responsibility?” he asked, and blamed the government’s “lethargic” attitude.

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