Who is harassing Chandni Choudhary with WhatsApp messages..!

The more the use of social media increases, the more crimes are also increasing.. Celebrities are also being harassed.. They are being cheated very easily in the hands of cyber criminals.. Heroines mostly face similar problems.. Many actors are already committing cybercrime that their account has been hacked on social media.. We have seen the police being approached.. The man who was recently harassing anchor-cum-actress Anasuya Bhardwaj..

The police arrested the worker who accused the heroine Parvathy Nair.. Now Tollywood young heroine Chandni Choudhary has become a topic of discussion saying that she is being harassed by some unknown people.. Telugammai Chandni, who is active on social media, shared the related screenshots with the audience through social media.. For a few months some people have been scamming using international numbers.

They are sending messages on WhatsApp using our names to find out personal information.. Not only that, they are also harassing me.. This is not me.. They are also using my co-stars names and photos.. If any of you receive such messages, please report them.. Do not share your details with them.” Chandni Chaudhary shared screen shots on her Instagram stories.. and started her career with short films..

Chandini Chaudhary has made a unique identity for herself by playing different characters as a heroine.. She came closer to the Telugu audience with the movie ‘Color Photo’.. She received appreciation for her acting with this movie.. Recently she entertained me with the movie ‘Sammatame’.. She is busy doing web series in popular OTTs.. Chandini Chaudhary is also acting in the lead role in the film which is being produced by young hero Navdeep along with his friend.

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