When cops are in rhythm to ‘crush the wave’

Music video conceptualised around recent Tamil chart-buster ‘Enjoy Enjaami’

More than a year after receiving adulation for its viral video that came to be known as ‘hand-wash dance’ that generated awareness about keeping the virus at bay, the State police have now come up with yet another dance video.

A team of nine cops at the State Police Media Centre (SPMC) who were behind the ‘hand-wash dance’ is the brains this time as well. If the first video was in tune with the State government’s campaign ‘Break the Chain,’ the latest one is in line with the ‘Crush the Wave’ campaign launched as the second wave of the pandemic rages on.


“When the State government came up with the campaign to crush the second wave, we did a collective brainstorming on how to help the cause. We felt that youngsters below 30 should be targeted for better COVID-19 protocol and thus the concept was developed around the Tamil chart-buster ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ by singer Dhee and rapper Arivu. The song is a huge hit with that segment,” said V.P. Pramod Kumar, deputy director, SPMC.

Wife of Hemanth R. Nair, one of the cops at SPMC who cranked the camera as well for the one-and-a-half-minute-long video, penned the lines along the tune of the number that has shades of African folk music. Two other teams were engaged for singing and recording the number and another for choreography.

The dance was performed by nine cops, including five women basketball players, three from the control room and one from the State Industrial Security Force. The video essentially urges the public to crush the second wave of the pandemic by adopting a new lifestyle of wearing masks and maintaining physical distancing and to go for vaccination. Any slip-up could be potentially fatal, it warns.

“It was developed and completed in three days and was uploaded on all four social media accounts of SPMC – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube – on Tuesday evening around 7 p.m,” said Mr. Kumar. Since then, it has attracted 17,000 likes, nearly 10,000 shares, and nearly 4 lakh views and counting on Facebook alone.

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